The list and floor plan of the exhibitors and stands at La Cité des Congrès de Nantes
on 1 and 2 December 2022 will soon be available.

  • Ville de Nantes

    Ville de Nantes

    Nantes and its metropolis have the ambition to invent a new development model to respond to the democratic, ecological, digital transitions… of our time. It relies on the strengths of a united, collaborative, daring, creative and “completely Western” territory!

  • AIA Foundation

    AIA Foundation

    Created in 2011 on the initiative of the architectural firm AIA Life Designers, the AIA Corporate Foundation carries out urban prospective work on the relationship between architecture, health and the environment.

    With its College of Experts, made up of specialists in urbanities or observers of the transformation of cities (urban planners, architects, sociologists, geographers, scientists, doctors), the AIA Foundation leads the “Living well in the city” project, which contributes to developing a reflection and a prospective vision of the city of tomorrow.

  • VYV


    As an entrepreneur of solidarity and better living, VYV Group wishes to guarantee everyone the right to real social protection and contribute to the general interest. On the strength of its mutualist values, VYV aims to provide ever more united and innovative responses to the multiple challenges of social protection in order to support the 10 million people we protect and the 73,000 companies that trust them.

    Our 3 professions:

    • Insurance
    • Care and support
    • Lodging

    VYV Group is about bringing together and pooling the strengths and know-how of the group’s entities at the service of the whole to contribute to collective success.

  • Santéclair


    At the crossroads between patients, healthcare professionals and complementary health insurance organizations, Santéclair is a real healthcare orientation platform. Since 2003, Santéclair has been innovating to create an ecosystem of services guaranteeing all its beneficiaries fair access to care: 55 mutual and insurance customers, 10 million beneficiaries, 7,600 partner health professionals. 97% of users of our services recommend them to accompany them in their care pathways in the fields of optics, dental and hearing aids, as well as in terms of hospitalization, community medicine, alternative medicine and mental health.

    With regard to mental health, our “Bien dans ma Tête” course offers 6 solutions to meet a wide variety of needs and issues in this area:

    • a symptom analysis and orientation tool,
    • a personalized balance & well-being coaching program,
    • the video consultation with a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist without advance of costs and without limit of number,
    • an enriched directory of mental health professionals,
    • a list of the best psychiatric hospitals,
    • a geolocation tool to easily find all the centers dedicated to psychiatric emergencies.
  • Clubhouse


    In France, 2 million people live with a mental disorder such as bipolarity, schizophrenia or severe depression. The Clubhouse France association is for them a springboard to an active and fulfilling social and professional life.

    We manage innovative places of mutual aid called Clubhouses. The “Clubhouse” is a concept that has been proven since 1948 in more than 30 countries and 300 establishments alongside 100,000 women and men on the road to recovery.

    A Clubhouse is non-medicalized and co-managed by its members – and not sick, users or beneficiaries – who regain possession of their abilities there thanks to an original methodology: co-management. It lies in the fact of managing the entire place between employees and members of the Clubhouse with patience and kindness.

    Il y a, à ce jour, cinq Clubhouses en France : à Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes et Paris où plus de 600 personnes se reconstruisent, à leur rythme.



    National public organization for information, communication, training and the fight against mental health stigma.

    The Psycom has been mobilizing for 25 years to flight received ideas about mental disorders. It distributes information brochures, offers a resource site for experts and the general public and works in a network with mental health players (from professionals to user associations, via researchers and those concerned).

  • Santé Mentale France

    Santé Mentale France

    Santé Mentale France federation brings together mental health actors from care, medico-social, social, users and their relatives. It defends the interests of people suffering from mental disorders and with mental disabilities, with the aim of promoting and supporting the values and practices of recovery.



    Department of EPSM-Lille-metropolis, support establishment of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Psychiatry GHT. The WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Training in Mental Health (WHOCC) is a functional organization bringing together a network of actions, skills, programs, in line with the mental health policy of the World Health Organization ( WHO).

    The WHOCC is one of the 46 WHO collaborating centers in the world specializing in mental health (the only one in France); is appointed every 4 years by the WHO, on the basis of a multi-year programme. For the 2018-2022 period, the WHOCC has been redesignated to work on four axes:

    • Assist WHO in promoting and documenting good practice in community mental health services;
    • Support and develop the WHO program for the evaluation of the quality and respect of the rights of people with mental health problems in France and in French-speaking countries;
    • Assist WHO in promoting user and citizen involvement in mental health services, research and training;
    • Contribute to the knowledge and development of e-mental health as an innovative technology.

    The WHOCC relies on a network of qualified people to implement this program and a Scientific Advisory Board. It relies on a Health Cooperation Group (GCS) bringing together 25 hospitals (i.e. 178 psychiatric sectors) to extend its action on the national territory. It is an active interface between the mental health policies of the WHO and France. The WHOCC is financially supported by various bodies: the General Directorate of Health (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health), the CNSA, the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion, the clinical research hospital program (PHRC), the ‘IRESP, foundations, the GCS, etc.

  • Elected, public health & territories (ESPT)

    Elected, public health & territories (ESPT)

    “Since its creation in October 2005, “Elected, public health & territories” (ESPT), national association for the development of public health, works for the promotion and recognition of the role of cities and local elected officials in health. With nearly 60 member cities and partners, ESPT carries out national advocacy for the reduction of social inequalities in health by promoting local policies for prevention, promotion and health education, contractualized with the State and the ARS.

    By mobilizing the network of partners and the resources of their territory thanks to the powerful lever represented by their power to convene, the elected representatives of the municipalities and their groupings can act, in complementarity with the services and policies of the State, in favor of access to global health for all and taking into account all of its determinants.

    Prevention and promotion of health, Mental health, Health and Environment, Local governance and Urban policy, Democracy in health and Ethics, Health of populations, young people, the elderly, women, men, in vulnerable situations, … The COVID crisis demonstrated the important role that local elected representatives play in terms of health and the transversal role of elected representatives, especially in charge of health. Public health issues concern everybody and strongly challenge those who have been elected to represent citizens at the local level, to carry out public policies adapted to the needs and guarantee the well-being of the inhabitants, the security and the possibility of living together. We are counting on your mobilization and your commitment, on a daily basis, by our side, to promote and pursue these objectives together.”

    Gilbert HANGARD, ESPT President



    Since 2003, the West Atlantic Metropolitan Development Company has been managing the urban project on the island of Nantes and its operational project management. As a local public company, it acts within the framework of territorial public policies, on the scale of the Nantes Saint-Nazaire metropolis.

    Since September 2010, it has had a project team for running the Creative Factory (formerly the Creative District). It provides support and networking for cultural and creative industries in this great territory of innovation.

  • Vent d’Ouest

    Vent d’Ouest

    The Vent d’Ouest library is an independent generalist bookstore located in Nantes. Various books will be offered for sale, around the different themes discussed during the Symposium.