Taking public transport for city travel is advantageous for our health. Promoting and providing public transport and making it more pleasant to use is a challenge every major city should seize.

Positive effects on environmental health

Even if cars increase flexibility, they are still an indisputable source of pollution – particularly in urban areas. Car combustion engine emissions and energy consumption are much higher than railway transport levels.

The consequences of atmosphere pollution, which causes numerous respiratory problems, are a significant argument for city dwellers’ health.

A good reason to encourage physical activity

Sedentary lifestyles have increased in the past ten years, especially because everything is at our fingertips.

Using public transport improves our mental health because this engages our physical health. Public transport users are generally more active during their daily travel than car users and the endorphins that are secreted during physical activity are good for mental health.

Social connectedness and mental well-being

Even though the current trend is being constantly connected to a screen, finding ourselves face to face with others in public transport encourages contact and social interaction. Establishing communication in public transport improves our social capital. This leads to better mental health, and it has been proven that this reduces the risk of depression.

All we need now are improved current public transport systems so that more people can connect with each other!

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Article updated on 05/09/22